The Business Owner Defined

The author of this book is an entrepreneur and a practical man who has established a few successful companies. His description of each business owner duty is amazingly simple and systematic. It is astonishing how easy and applicable these descriptions are in real life.

What is the difference between the business owner duties and the responsibilities of a senior executive in a company? If you are a business owner, you probably have already asked yourself this question. But at the same time you may have never seen a complete, detailed, step-by-step job description of all the basic business owner duties.


Look Inside the Business Owners Duties

Acknowledgements......i ⎢ Introduction......iii ⎢ The Business Owner’s Role......1 ⎢ The First Step to Competency......10 ⎢ The Main Goal and Purpose......14 ⎢ A Business Owner’s Personal Goals......29 ⎢ The Pursuit of Money......34 ⎢ Motivation......37 ⎢ Goal Promotion......49 ⎢ Establishing the Future......56 ⎢ The Product and the Brand......69 ⎢ Company Policy......87 ⎢ Technology......98 ⎢ The Strategic Management Cycle......105 ⎢ Finances and Assets......132 ⎢ The Duties of the Business Owner......143 ⎢ Co-Owners and Power......152 ⎢ The Code of a Business Owner......164 ⎢ Afterword......172

An Owner’s Personal Goals

Chapter Four

A salesperson works with customers; an accountant handles financial transactions and maintains records; an engineer develops new processes and monitors their compliance. In this system, the owner plays a special role. His function is to establish goals that will unite the entire group. But in this capacity, he may encounter a trap...

How to Raise Motivation

Chapter Six

Perhaps this is the biggest secret of leadership: In order to create and support high levels of motivation, it is necessary for people to share the goals of the group. If the leader is skilled enough to form and promote goals, he will be surrounded by people with high levels of motivation. Promotion of goals is...

How to Create Company Policy

Chapter Ten

When you create and grow your company, there will be many issues for which you will need policies. Which issues should you tackle first when making these policies? Where should you begin? The most successful action here would be to monitor the operations of your business and create policies for those deviations that actually occur. There is no need to...

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About The Author

Businessman, author, management consultant, business-lecturer, founder of Visotsky Consulting Inc. Also, he is an author of consulting project which implements administrative management tools in small to medium sized business—Business Owner's Program.

Alexander Visotsky

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